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Electronic Document Signing

How to Sign an Electronic Document

Step 1:

Go to Adobe’s website to download their PDF reader from this link https://get.adobe.com/reader/ Adobe PDF Reader Download

TIP: Make sure to unclick any boxes in the “Additional Offers” section, to avoid and additional, unwanted, software.
Unclicking Additional Offers

Step 2:

Once you are ready, click “Install now”. Once selected, you will see this: Installing Adobe PDF Reader

Step 3:

After Adobe is finished Initializing, your browser will ask you whether you would like to keep the downloaded software. Select “Keep”.

TIP: Pending on your browser, this selection could appear in multiple location, but as shown here in Google Chrome, it appears in the bottom left of the browser window as “Keep”.
Opening download in Chrome web browser

Step 4:

After Acrobat is downloaded, click it and open it. After Acrobat is opened, your computer will ask you “Do you want to allow this application to make changes to you device?” Select “Yes”.

TIP: This permission window may be different if you are using Macintosh instead of Windows, but select yes to any permission allowance. Adobe is a trusted company with safe software.

Step 5:

Adobe will begin to download and install Acrobat Reader. Once it is finished, click “Finish” and open Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Downloading PDF Reader

Step 6:

Once you have Acrobat open, it should look like this: Adobe Acrobat Screen

Step 7:

On the top left of Acrobat, select “File” and then “Open…”. From there, browse and locate the documents you would like to electronically sign, then open your document(s). Adobe Acrobat Open File Menu

Step 8:

Once your document is opened, on the right hand side of Acrobat, find and click the “Fill & Sign” tool.

TIP: You may have to scroll down on the right tool window to find the Fill & Sign tool.
Adobe Acrobat Fill and Sign Tool

Step 9:

Click the “Sign” button located on the top, center, of Acrobat. A drop down window should appear and in it select “Add Signature”. Adobe Acrobat Sign Button

Step 10:

Type, draw, or upload a signature image and click “Apply”. In this guide, we chose to type the signature. Adobe Acrobat Signature

Step 11:

Once you click apply, the window will close and your signature will appear on the screen. To move your signature around, simply click it, drag it, and drop it above your name. Adobe Acrobat moving Signature

Step 12:

Repeat this for all signatures and documents. To create a duplicate signature, click the “Sign” button and then select your signature, a new signature will appear. Adobe Acrobat Multiple Signatures

Step 13:

If you have multiple individuals signing documents, you will need to remove the first signature. To do this, click the Sign button, shown above, and click the “-“ icon. This will delete the prior signature. To add the new signature, simply repeat the steps above. Adobe Acrobat Multiple Individuals Signing

Step 14:

Finally, when you have your document fully signed, save your PDF. Once all documents are signed, email the full package back to closings@gotrustedtitle.com with the email subject line as “[your File number] – All fully executed closing documents”.

Electronic Signature Enforceability:

Florida Statutes, section 668.50, states that any document requiring a signature, minus exceptions, may be signed electronically. In regards to enforceability of an electronic signature, “[a] record or signature may not be denied legal effect or enforceability solely because the record or signature is in electronic form.” Sec. 668.50 (7) (a), F.S.

Thank you, and I hope this guide was helpful. If you have any questions about electronically signing documents, or your closing in general, feel free to email us at closings@gotrustedtitle.com or call us at 904-321-9108.